Art and other wonders

We believe in art as a delight and as an engine of the intellectual and sensitive development of man. We think like García Lorca that the art to return to acquire its strength must return to the town from which it has moved away. We project, produce and perform stage shows. We also create crafts and plastic works. We promote art and culture in all its expressions.


We think that it is the duty of those who have the knowledge to transmit it as the grandparents of our grandparents have done.
It is essential to fight against the negative phenomena of globalization and to promote instead all the positive aspects such as the democratization of knowledge and technology.
We carry out traditional art workshops and offer the opportunity to meet new worlds and experiences through modern artistic expressions and access to new technologies.


We firmly believe that culture and the arts are powerful means of resilience and social reconciliation, spaces for creative reflection and the production of languages and transforming contents. We see culture and the arts as pillars of development, understood as the expansion of the opportunities and capacities of people to choose the way of life they prefer. We understand the community constituted by its individuals as our reason for being..


We are always looking for the consolidation of our training center to produce and use organic crops as a raw material in the manufacture of traditional and contemporary crafts. This center will be taken as a spearhead for the generation of sustainable productive alternatives in the region.