Before the emergency caused by the earthquake of September 19, whose epicenter was less than 40 km from Zacualpan, we suspended the projects we were carrying out and transformed the Cultural Center of Comparsa Falfán into an operations center where information is concentrated on real time; it is received, classified and distributed in an effective way, coordinated and directly to those affected who need it; Brigades are received, equipped and directed to remove debris and visits are carried out house by house in communities, under the direction of engineers and architects to meet the challenges of reconstruction.

We coordinate through our own volunteer networks, the Cultural Centers Network of Morelos and other non-partisan civil organizations.
In a first instance we were attending the emergency, helping to distribute aid in several municipalities: Axochiapan, Jantetelco, Jonacatepec, Ocuituco, Temoac, Tepalcingo, Tetela del Volcán, Yecapixtla and Zacualpan.
One week after the earthquake, we made a good mapping of the situation in these municipalities; We have clear short, medium and long-term needs, and we know that it is time to start another stage in helping victims, that is why from now on we will work integrally with specific families.